Review - Nendoroid Shigure Kai-II

Posted on December 04, 2016 by CC

Shigure Kai Ni is here! My weakness for Kancolle Nendos continues, look how cute she is! Her accessories are also great, she has 3 faceplates and an entire separate body! Let's go through everything!

Ordering and Payment

I pre-ordered Shigure as part of a three Nendoroid order from GSC in June. She was ¥ 5200 and that converted to $49.54 when GSC charged me for her on 11/11/2016. I was hoping to use GSC's flat rate shipping to cut down on shipping costs, even with the higher product prices. With Shigure here I can finally calculate if it was a better option or not, but it did allow me to get the cute box sleeve!

Store Price ¥ Shipping ¥ Total ¥ Price USD Shipping USD Total USD Total
GSC ¥5200 ¥ for the whole order ¥7200     $49.54



GSC had been shipping their packages using the inflatable plastic packing but this one they have switched to heavier paper. They also wrapped the Nendoroid box in a nice tissue paper wrapping. There was some damage to the box of course, USPS never gets to me without something going wrong.

Nendoroid Box

Her GSC exclusive sleeve has Yudachi Kai-II in the background! The back of the box doesn't have much going on but I like the rainy atmosphere.


Her box is navy blue for the sides and number text. The background insert doesn't have anything special besides her Nendoroid number of 632 on it.


I noticed this message on the box tab when I was opening it, I'm glad it was there because I completely forgot she came with a custom background! It's stuck to the back of the cardboard insert. She also comes with a plastic stand to hold up the background that hooks into the standard Nendoroid base.

One reason I love Kancolle Nendoroids is they just come with SO MUCH STUFF! Look at all this! I knew Shigure had a separate beach outfit but I didn't expect her to come with a full second body! With that I can construct another custom Nendoroid, always nice to find enough pieces to be able to do that.



Buying Shigure Kai-II

Shigure was released on November 28, 2016. She is currently in stock on AmiAmi. She may also be available in AmiAmi and Mandarake's pre-owned section once some people sell her to them.

Store Notes Price Shipping Total
AmiAmi This AmiAmi link will have any pre-owned items if they are available. ¥4120 ¥2000 ¥6120
Shigure on Different users have her for sale here, as well as other sites that have her available. Varies Varies Varies

I'm glad I got her, she has so many parts and her interchangeable gun parts are pretty cool for a Nendoroid. I was on the fence about getting Yudachi Kai-II but I think I have to get her now!


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