Sayaka Miki Cu-Poche Review

Posted on April 26, 2015 by CC

A lot of figure collections I’ve seen usually have a favorite character that has many figures, usually its Saber or Asuna or Kuroneko but in my case its Sayaka. I don’t know why i like her so much, maybe because she’s just so tragic. And when I found out she has a cu-poche I had to get it.



I would say being 100% adorable is not true to Sayaka’s character but I don’t care. Look how cute she is. LOOK AT THAT CUTE FACE. I never display her with her other faces because the :D face is just TOO MUCH.



Did I mention Cu-poche’s have magnets in their feet so you can do things like this?!

Sayaka does come with other faces though, this will be the first and last time I use these other face plates though!


Alright, I will admit this faceplate is pretty cute too. You can see the standard Cu-Poche base in this picture, it’s magnetic so you can pose Sayaka in many different ways with the magnets in her feet. There is also a peg hole in her back and stand you can use with the outer peg holes in the stand. I like using the magnets though.

I also put her other hair piece on here, without the fortissimo hairclip (that was added in for the movies).

This is her third faceplate, which I think is more true to her character! Except the punching part. She comes with three sets of hands, the spread fingers ones used in the previous shots, these fists, and then ones that hold her swords. Speaking of swords…

Here’s a normal looking Sayaka. Her swords also fit into clear pegs that fit into the base, but I think they look best in her hands.

Overall I really enjoy this Sayaka. I’m biased but she’s cute, has cute face plates, and nice sword accessories. For my first experience with a Cu-poche I am very happy!  I have some more close ups below.

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