Review - Saber Type-Moon Racing Version

Posted on December 07, 2017 by CC

I was finally able to open this Saber! She arrived right before I moved and who knew moving was so hard! I have shelf space arranged and open now so I can open her woop!

Her box has a nice clear window on the front, then multiple images of Saber all over it. The inside of the box also has a magic circle, I like when companies add in nice little details like that.

Her packaging isn't too complicated. She comes with two arms, one for the umbrella and one without. Her ahoge is also separate from her and I couldn't get it 100% in, but I didn't want to force it and break it.

Her sword/umbrella is also separate. The hilt comes off the sword as well as the pommel so you can get it into her hand easily with no paint transfer!

The ease of putting the umbrella in her hand really is nice! The umbrella also goes together easily.

The seam on her left arm is hidden really well. It's a bit more pronounced than her right shoulder but it fits together perfectly.

I like this two peg design opposed to others I have that have one larger peg. It's very easy to switch out the arms.

Her fingernails are a light pink. Her fingers are tiny and delicate, nice to see such small details!

She's such an adorable design. Her boots are gorgeous and the shiny paint on her clothes vs the matte on her really looks good together.

And the boots! They're beautiful! They are what sold me on this figure and I am not disappointed!

The base is meant to go with the other two racing figures, which I might need to get now… But it's a nice shiny gold and a realistic size compared to Saber.

Saber is the last scale I had on pre-order and the last one I'm planning on buying for a bit. She's so well done though I'm glad I ended up pre-ordering her. She is a great scale to get as my last one for a while!

Ordering and Payment

I got Saber from Amiami, I pre-ordered her on February 15, 2017 and after being delayed a bit she was released on September 29, 2017.

Store Price ¥ Shipping ¥ Total ¥
amiami ¥ 12800 ¥2640 ¥15440


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