Review: Dekacchu Kanzaki Ranko

Posted on August 02, 2016 by CC

I already had a problem with Medicchus, I have four and will get any others I can find for a good price. They are just so expensive for how small they are. Then I found out about Dekacchus. A Medicchu that is giant for just a little bit more?! There are four of them so far and Ranko is the newest one.

She was a Winter Wonder Festival Exclusive and I pre-ordered her from the Good Smile Online shop. She was 7000 yen and the flat rate shipping is nice because she is huge! So huge that she has a stand to hold up her head!

Usually I'm not a fan of exposed support in figures but you can't see this at all from the front so I'll accept it. Also her head is so heavy I'll accept she needs this support.

Here's her with some other figures to show how big she is. Yukikaze there is a Medicchu. Ranko is really well made, I don't see any obvious seams on her which is nice too!

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