One Piece Grab Box - Size S

Posted on December 05, 2017 by CC

I was browsing amiami at 2am and looking up pre-owned figures and I found a ONE PIECE Grab Box] S Size for ¥1780!

I had never seen one of these before on amiami but I had heard of them before and purchased one of the new years lucky bags with good results. The shipping ended up being ¥2640 so ¥4,420 in total.

The box on first arrival, it wasn't as heavy as I wanted it to be for the shipping I paid but still not light!

Under the top level of paper was a clear file! It has a papery texture which is pretty cool for a clear file.

Under that was a Nami manga cover with bookmarks, I really love her design here!

Under that were three keychains, a yellow thing, and a mystery badge!

The third level had two figures and two keychains!

The final level was full of figures, three WCFs, one Log Box, an Ace and a Film Z box. There were also two without boxes. And a glass!

Here is everything, 20 items in total. Definitely worth my ¥4420, especially for the beautiful Iva.

Grab Box Breakdown

The Bepo keychain is quality. Just look how ridiculous he looks!

Sanji looks like he needs some help here.

Not a fan of Blackbeard but he looks a bit better than Sanji.

I'm not entirely sure what this is but it has Rayleigh on it and is weighted so it won't fall over.

The badge ended up being Mihawk! For my luck with these I was expecting something a lot worse!

This WCF of Johnny looks to be one of the few figures of him.

The blind box figure is this Kiwi, what a silly character design. Quality is not the best, but she's cool looking so that's all that matters!

This Merry keychain has a lot of details for being so small.

The D in this keychain is like a carabiner clip.

The heaviest of the items ended up being Iva! He's so fabulous! He came without a box and with some damage on his right leg. Otherwise though he is in great condition!

The other figure without a box was this Brook. Even at this level of prize figure Brook looks great, probably because he doesn't have skin to look the wrong color. I really like this one!

The Film Z box ended up having another Brook in it. He is looking extremely fabulous in orange and pink. Also tilted, his stand is just on his feet and is not holding him up straight. He's smaller and not as well done as tea brook, I am not sure what is happening with his outstretched arm.

The log box had the Magellan fight scene in it, Luffy is so tiny! I had never seen any of these before, pretty cool for something so cheap.

The Ace figure has a lot of details for something so small. His skin color looks a bit off but he is a prize figure after all. For a pirate with so many accessories they did those well for his size. He also has a bit of a lean with and without the extra support piece.

Yay for an Usopp! I had passed over the WCF figures before and mostly ignored them. It's a pretty good quality though, maybe I will hunt down some other ones of these.

The third WCF was Madam Shyarly. The paint job isn't the best on her face but she still is pretty well done for a small figure.

The last WCF was Mr. 4. He isn't too exciting but it is nice to see all these random characters getting figures this way, even if small. I think I definitely need to get some more of this line, especially some animals.

It's not the Sanji plate I wanted but still has Sanji on it! A nice little Usopp, Sanji, Franky glass.

Total 20 items

Figures - 10

Keychains - 5

Other - 5

Overall I am really happy with this box, mainly because of the Iva and Brooks. I had hoped for more kuji items but maybe I can hunt one of those down over New Years!


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