Review - Nendoroid Tatsumaki

Posted on March 22, 2017 by CC

I wasn't going to get Tatsumaki but I do love her little pouting face! Her hair is pretty unique too for a Nendo and well I had the other two so might as well complete the set!

Ordering and Payment

I changed my normal GSC group ordering method for Tatsumaki. There wasn't anyone else in her pre-order block that I wanted so I got her stand alone from AmiAmi.

Store Price ¥ Shipping ¥ Total ¥ Price USD Shipping USD Total USD Total
AmiAmi ¥3840 ¥3300 for the whole order (some other items came with her too) ¥7140


Tatsumaki came with my other items in my March AmiAmi order. She was packed well and her box was in perfect condition.

Nendoroid Box

Tatsumaki's box is the same standard format that the other One Punch Man Nendoroids had.


Tatsumaki doesn't come with too much. I think they used a lot of their budget on this Nendoroid with her hair, it does look really cool! She has two face plates and some interchangeable hair pieces which I haven't seen before on a Nendoroid. She also has a rock and broken building pieces to float around her.

Buying Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki was released on February 27, 2017. She is currently available on AmiAmi new for ¥ 4100.

Store Notes Price Shipping Total
AmiAmi This AmiAmi link will have any pre-owned items if they are available. ¥4800 ¥2000 ¥6800 Different users have Tatsumaki for sale here, as well as other sites that have her available. Varies Varies Varies

I'm glad I decided to get Tatsumaki to complete out my trio of One Punch Man Nendos.


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