Naval Review - Ouyodo

Posted on June 09, 2016 by CC

I know nothing about Kancolle but why are they always SO CUTE.

She also has a TON of pieces, like every Kancolle girl. Comparing her with what came with Nendoroid Anna it’s a bit ridiculous.

[ouyodo posing (looking smug) with picture of all the pieces anna nearby with her like 4 pieces?]

Who is Ouyodo though? What do all these pieces mean? Why does she have cute glasses and a map? Why does a boat even need glasses? Is her radar broken?

She does come with radar. The Kancolle nendoroids always have such fun accessories. Alright, first question, who is Ouyodo?

Japanese Cruiser Ouyodo

She was a light cruiser and built to be a command vessel for submarine operations. She was able to carry 6 floatplanes, which she comes with two, and her floatplane launcher on her arm.

[her two floatplanes]

The floatplane on Ouyodo was a E15K1 ‘‘Shiun’’ floatplane which had a main float underneath the fuelsolodge and two smaller floats under the wings that acted as stabilizers.

While Ouyodo's floatplane doesn't have the two smaller floats, it does have the large central one and is different in design than the ones that came with Suzuya and Kumano. Crazy attention to detail here!

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