Review: Anna Mochizuki 1/8 Scale by Kotobukiya

Posted on January 19, 2017 by CC

My latest scale came in September, Anna Mochizuki from The Idolm@ster: Million Live! My last foray into the idol figure genre as I have said no to any more idol's on one leg! I have three already! They all seem to be on one leg too so this will definitely be my last one. Probably. Maybe.

Ordering and Payment

Anna was a somewhat impulse pre-order as I really don't know much about Idolm@ster, at all. I do have two other scales from the series and a giant Ranko. Her pose was cute though and I liked the color scheme and her boots were adorable. Probably why I ended up getting it, boots. Most of my scales have great boots.

Store Price ¥ Shipping ¥ Total ¥ Price USD Shipping USD Total USD Total
AmiAmi ¥8400 ¥ 2720 ¥11120 $111.11


Anna was on her own order so she came just her in the box! Shipping was somewhat expensive at ¥ 2720 for EMS. EMS prices have made me move to combining GSC orders for most of what I buy, but since she is from Kotobukiya that wasn't an option this time.


Anna has no extra parts! I could have gotten another faceplate if I had preordered her through Kotobukiya but her face is cute enough.

Buying Anna Mochizuki

Anna was released on September 28, 2016. She is currently in stock on AmiAmi and at a cheaper price new than I paid for her! She may also be available in AmiAmi and Mandarake's pre-owned section once some people sell her to them.

Store Notes Price Shipping Total
AmiAmi This AmiAmi link will have any pre-owned items if they are available. ¥7200 ¥2700 ¥9900
Anna on Different users have her for sale here, as well as other sites that have her available. Varies Varies Varies

One thing I want to mention, on her MFC page it says only 11 people on the site have her. Eleven! What is up with that?! Is she like the worst Idolm@ster character or something? I thought she was really cute! Maybe she was too expensive for what she ended up being?


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