Winter Wonfes 2015 Preorders

Posted on February 12, 2015 by CC

Winter Wonfes 2015! So many nendoroids were announced (something like 38ish?)! And these two are up for preorder from the Good Smile Wonfes Shop from Feb 8 to Feb 16. I originally wasn't a fan of this year's Snow Miku but she has grown on me and when her offical pictures were released the one showing the base she comes with won me over on her.

I really like the Lily of the Valley motif. They are more of a May flower to me but close enough to winter.

The other nendoroid I pre-ordered is Battleship Re-Class. I don't have any other Kancolle figures currently and was kind of ambivalent towards the whole series, but recently they have been releasing figures I really enjoy. Starting with Nendoroid Suzuya, then Good Smile Company's 1/8 scale Wo-class, and now Nendoroid Re-Class!

I really like the designs of the Abyssals, and Re-Class is no exeception. I enjoy her cute fang face, as well as the blue light feature around her eyes. Seeing her makes me sad I missed the Wo-Class Nendoroid from last Wonfes, hopefully I can eventually hunt her down.

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