Summer WonFes 2016

Posted on July 24, 2016 by CC

So Wonfes happened yesterday and MY GOD WHY ARE THERE SO MANY FIGURES I AM INTERESTED IN! I have followed the last four WonFeses or so very closely and I don't think I've ever had a want list this large from it before!

I'm going to start with colored prototypes, then unpainted, then the sketches. Maybe some of these will be delayed 3 years and I can just budget that far in the future!

Nendoroid Rem

Rem! She's so cute, will there be an eventual Ram? I saw the hype about this anime and held off but was eventually sucked in, Rem really is one of my favorite characters in the show. I am wondering what her alternate face plates will be!

Nendoroid Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki from One Punch Man! I have Genos on pre-order and didn't get Saitama, maybe I'll pick him up used. I like this nendo a lot they captured her expression perfectly. Now where's my Mumen Rider Nendo?!

Nendoroid Elise

I know nothing of this character, but she's ADORABLE. I've seen other figure collectors exercise restraint and only buy figures from shows they like/characters they know, I completely fail at that. She's from Fire Emblem fates...which is maybe a DS game? No idea. But I like her design, hair, magical sparkle effect, and she will probably have super cute face plates! Sold!

Nendoroid More Face Parts Case: Konnosuke Version

I really enjoy these silly cases they are making, I have a bunny on pre-order. I also have like 50 face plates to display so why not buy more! I have too many sword boys already so why not add helpful tutorial fox to the mix.

Orange Rouge 1/8 Scale Shishio

I've not been a fan of the sword boys scales that have come out, the Kogitsunemaru was okay but the others just seem to not be up to par quality wise. This Shishio looks pretty good, but I will probably only get him if I can see him in person first.

GSC 1/8 Scale Sayaka

WHY GSC WHY, I thought I was finished getting Sayakas. And you just make more! I like her pose my other Sayakas are very serene looking so a battle posed one will be nice to add to my collection. There was also a Mami prototype too, so does that mean they are making the other girls? Stop taking all my money!

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2016 Version

I like Nendoroid Co-des, besides the fact I broke the only one I currently have, but for characters for a lot of costumes it really is a good idea. This Miku is just so adorable, look at her BOW. If the paint job keeps her just as adorable I am getting her!

Nendoroid Iowa

Kancolle whhy whyyy so many cute things. I don't even play the game but I already have 7 Nendoroids and 1 scale. And they just keep making more! Now I'm not entirely sure how American Battleships work into the plot of this game...but Iowa here is looking extra adorable. I love the extra pieces that come with the Kancolle nendos too. They always have so many accessories!

Nendoroid Kiso

There were too many Kancolle nendos announced. What's even going on here, she has an adorable hat and eyepatch?! And a sword? I looked up Kiso really quick it seemed like any other Japanese battleship so I will have to investigate more. Silly Kancolle making me learn about history.

Max Factory 1/7 Scale Figure Samurai (Yaiba)

Another franchise I know nothing about, but I have the another color version of their first Samurai and I love it. I just love the character designs in general for this game (I think it's a game?) and this one is great. Hopefully she will be painted just as nicely as the one I have!

Nendoroid Yamanbagiri Kunihiro

I honestly thought sword boys was over when I was in Tokyo in May, everything was idol boys (Ensemble Stars) and Haikyuu!! But apparently sword boys is still popular! And now they're making the ones I really like! Angsty hood (I never learned their real names, they are too hard) here is frowning appropriately. Hopefully he will come with two heads so I can add another to my cheerleader set!

Nendoroid Sayo Samonji

Alright this sword boy had always been on my team, I am on the fence about him though. Angry blue ninja (his proper name) looks okay here but it all depends on his paint job though. If he comes out looking nice I will probably end up getting him.

Nendoroid Caster

I have liked other Caster figures that have come out, she's pretty cute. I will have to see what her sculpt actually looks like but it's nice to see more non-Saber fate Nendos getting made.

Nendoroid Yuudachi Kai Ni

I have considered this boat's scales before but it was never enough to buy one. But Kancolle Nendos are my weakness and if she is remotely cute I am getting her. She has a little sail too! How cute!

GSC 1/8 Scale Figure Snow Miku

This is just something I am considering, but I like the concept art for it. I have avoided buying any scale Miku's in the past (I do have Figmas and Nendos though) but if this comes out looking awesome I might have to cave and get that Miku scale!

Nendoroid Yamatonokami Yasusada

AHMANAAGAGGFHHDDD! They're making a Nendo of the beautiful one! (thats his real name) I even hunted down his Nendo petite when I was in Tokyo because I thought they weren't going to make his Nendo but NOPE! Now I can have TWO!

Nendoroid Co-de Yamatonokami Yasusada Naiban Hanamaru Version

AND NOT JUST ONE, BUT TWO! At least this one is a co-de so he will be a bit cheaper but I'll have three of him!!!!!!

Nendoroid Horikawa Kunihiro

This one I'll have to see his prototype, but I'll probably end up getting him from my past history, his eyes are just so nice and blue!

These last three didn't get an official announcement on GSC's wonfes page but were on their announced nendoroid board

Nendoroid Li Syaroan

I was just talking to my friend about how much money I would spend if they made characters besides Sakura and Tomoyo and look what they did! Years of waiting for cute CCS figures has paid off! Touya next?!

Nendoroid Mami Tomoe Maiko Version

When I first saw pictures of the Mami and Houmra Maiko's I thought it meant they were re-releasing them, but I then I realized they had the giant orange Nendoroid banner across the top and on the Nendoroid product board! Oh man! The Madoka one is adorable so these should be too! Madoka was an exclusive that I had to eventually hunt down and buy used off of someone on r/animefigures but I am glad I did!

Nendoroid Homura Akemi Haregi Version

And Homura too! I don't know if I will get this one, what am I saying I will probably get it. Then they just have to make Sayaka and Kyouko and I'll end up with the entire Nendoroid Maiko set and two of the scale figures.

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