Shut Up and Take ALL My Money GSC

Posted on July 21, 2016 by CC

It's finally available for pre-order! Ridiculous giant Sakura! I was in Tokyo when her prototype was first released but missed seeing it by a couple of days. I was a bit worried that the paint job would be ugly but GSC has really outdone themselves with this.

I had been holding off my giant pre-order with GSC hoping that somehow they would allow me to combine it and therefore only have to pay 2000 yen for the whole order's shipping instead of the $60 or whatever the shipping will end up being for Sakura.

Unfortunately they don't allow you to combine it with any orders from GSC's shop but they are offering free shipping woo! You can also get just Sakura alone which is nice to offer.

Sakura is available from all the usual shop's:
¥25,000 from GSC's online shop, free shipping
¥19,460 from AmiAmi
$254.99 from TokyoOtakuMode, free shipping
$254.99 from Crunchyroll, free shipping if you're a premium member, $20 otherwise

Now Sakura's release date is June 2017. That is almost a whole year for the yen to fluctuate wildly due to Brexit shenanigans and whatever they are going to do to try and stimulate their economy.

As of this post, the yen was at 105.70 to 1 dollar, do the final prices of all of these in USD would be:

Store Price Shipping Total
GSC $236.52 Free $236.52
AmiAmi $184.11 $60 $244.11
TOM $254.99 Free $254.99
Crunchyroll $254.99 $20 $274.99

AmiAmi definitely has the lowest price, but then this thing is huge and my shipping estimate might be low. TOM has free shipping too but the American retailers usually get their shipments a month or two after Japan (I've had nendoroids delayed 5 months by Crunchyroll).

Personally I am going to order from GSC and take the shipping gamble, also if the exchange rate goes up there is that benefit too. Hopefully she won't be delayed 6 months and I'll get to see her in person next June!

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