Pre-order Failure: Kogane and Shigure

Posted on June 27, 2016 by CC

I wasn't going to buy these. Then there was a sale on Crunchyroll for Memorial day and I could have gotten them both for $80ish, free shipping, but with Crunchyroll who knows when I would have actually gotten them, mid 2017?

So I held back, I was only going to buy them if I finished a bunch of things for this and over the weekend, which I didn't so no figures for me!

But then I kept coming back to them, I love the boat girl nendos they always have so many fun little pieces and are so randomly accurate! And Kogane, her rage face is so cute! And her normal face too.

So their pre-orders closed on the 22 and I caved, I considered getting them on AmiAmi but I had nothing coming out in November yet and I wanted the bunny case too that was coming out in October so I… ordered them from Good Smile Company!

Cost wise, I might end up saving $5? Their is flat rate shipping from GSC's website of 2000 yen but there is no 20% off price like AmiAmi has, so the prices pretty much even out. If one of them does get delayed I will end up saving more money that way.

Plus they both have GSC bonus items so why not!

AND of course they are adorable!!

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