Pre-order Failure: Saber/Souji Okita

Posted on February 23, 2016 by CC

I wasn’t going to buy anything new until after I came back from Japan in May. I failed at that last night when I caved and pre-ordered Fate/Grand Order - Saber/Souji Okita.

I don’t even like Saber. I watched the original Fate anime and my opinion of her is meh. She isn’t my waifu, I don’t even have a waifu. Of all her billion figures, I don’t even have one! I had lived Saber free for three years. Not anymore. I’m a Saber holdout failure.

I really like this figure. Her post isn’t generic and it looks like she’s moving. I enjoy that her boobs and butt are contained inside a reasonable outfit. She has a cute ribbon and scarf. Her Shinsengumi uniform looks really cute and I like the color of blue it is

Aquamarine is making her and it’s a brand I’m not familiar with, it looks like they do under ten figures a year and all their past ones have been great so I have faith this Saber will be great too (hopefully).

I’m not sure if I want to figure out why Saber is suddenly Souji Okita. I thought she was King Arthur? Or something, well at least girl King Arthur. Why is she suddenly a Shinsengumi? I guess they both have swords, can she be anyone with a sword? I need to stop thinking about this before I end up playing all the visual novels and go into a Fate black hole trying to figure out what is even going on.

Preorders on Japanese sites close on February 24th but you can still get her through
Crunchyroll - $128.99
Tokyo Otaku Mode - $128.99 - Free Shipping

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