Hobby Search Almost Ruins My Plans, Then AmiAmi Does Anyway

Posted on April 16, 2016 by CC

So Hobby Search is having their Spring Sale. I was totally holding off on figures but sales! They are so rare on Japanese sites. I had to check everything!

I ended up with three things in my cart:

Medicchu Mutsu

Medicchu Angela Balzac

Figma Makishima Yusuke

I thought about it and removed Maki-chan, doing well me! Now those Medicchus, they were still kind of expensive for such small figures, what if they were preowned on AmiAmi. So I checked AmiAmi. Not only were they new on there, they were cheaper than on Hobby Search's sale page.

So now they are added to my April order. So much for not spending before Japan but the derp level of these Medicchus is a weakness of mine. THEY ARE JUST SO CUTE! But they are also not worth their $30+ prices, what is up with that! Yay for sales!

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