figma Horse and Nendoroid Tomoyo!

Posted on December 23, 2014 by CC

Today I started out with no intention of buying any figures. The Tomoyo Nendo I had been watching just had a blog post saying more information was coming and I was avoiding all sales. But then Mami-tan just had to share figma Horse on Facebook.

Not only was it a well done horse figma, it was a well done bay horse figma. (Good Smile called it chestnut but it’s technically a bay since there is black but whatever close enough!) And not only was it a well done bay horse figma, it had a gray friend! (Good Smile calls this one white, but its gray nose gives it away as a gray, but whatever again!)

And then these two horses just had to be Good Smile Online exclusives so why not get something else since shipping is flat rate. I had been looking at Nendoroid Suzuya ever since I did her entry (it’s the blue hair, I have a problem with blue) and was just waiting to get her used somewhere. But since I was already paying for shipping with the two horse Figma’s why not Suzuya.

Four hours later, I go to check what’s new on Amiami and what do I see?!?! Nendoroid Tomoyo was released today nooo. And she had a Good Smile exclusive of Kero-chan with a triumphant look. If only I had waited four hours! D:

So my lesson for today, when that new exciting figure comes out, wait until all of that day’s figures have been announced, there just may be two new exciting figures.

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