Eye-fi Update - Nooo Don't Stop Working!!

Posted on September 30, 2016 by CC

This technically isn't about figures but it's a rant, so 50% there right? My first blog post ever on this blog was about the Eye-Fi X2, a SD card that automatically uploaded pictures I took to my computer. It has saved me a TON of time over the two years I've had it, instantly uploading all my figure photos to my PC.

I set up a new photo studio and review area on Sunday and took some test shots of Hotarumaru and sat down on my PC to see what they looked like and...they never came.

I instantly thought it was some Windows 10 issue because I have the developers preview build on it and it had just updated but after installing and uninstalling 3 different Eye-Fi programs and googling I finally found the problem! They had just completely killed support for the card on September 16!

I'm sure there was some probably good reason for this but I had no warning and this $80 SD card I had gotten was now just a $10 SD card. I was upset. Luckily other people had noticed and were upset before me and Eye-Fi had released a small program to keep local uploads happening on the X2 supported even after they had discontinued official support. Excellent!

I installed their small program and the first step is to put the card into the USB holder, check. Second step was to take it out and take a picture with the card in the camera, to connect the camera, card, and PC, and nothing happened. It never recognized my card.

I spent a good 2 hours angrily installing and uninstalling different Eye-fi programs, trying different USB ports, turning the camera off and on, turning my computer off and on. I was even just ready to buy a new one but who knows when that product would get it's support killed and the competitors all seemed just as bad.

In a last ditch effort I tried it on my mac, setting it on the same WiFI that the card had been set up on, maybe it had forgotten it's settings? AND IT WORKED!!! So I had to get the computer that the USB holder was on WiFi. Only my PC doesn't have WiFi.

I despaired for a while, maybe I can deal with using my Macbook. In frustration I went on Amazon and looked up how much a Wifi card for my PC would cost. $8. $8 and it wasn't even a card, it's a USB dongle. WE LIVE IN THE FUTURE

I ended up buying Edimax EW-7811Un 150Mbps 11n Wi-Fi USB Adapter and it finally came yesterday. I just finished setting everything up and the dongle works flawlessly, the Eye-Fi card connected to the PC and uploaded my test picture, and the PC continued to receive pictures I took afterwards. FINALLY!

So if anyone else is out there agonizing over their now worthless Eye-Fi X2, the small support program does work! Just make sure the computer that you are running it on is on the same WiFi network that the card was originally set up on. Hopefully this will continue to work forever now!


Eye-fi X2 Utility

Edimax EW-7811Un 150Mbps 11n Wi-Fi USB Adapter

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