Nendoroid Tracer Available for Pre-Order!

Posted on February 16, 2017 by CC

I was casually checking my email last night and what do I see? "Cheers, love! The cavalry's here! Overwatch's Tracer Joins the Nendoroids!!" WHAT?! WHAT?! I was not prepared.

Out of nowhere, Good Smile puts the Tracer Nendoroid up for pre-order and she's ADORABLE! Wonfes is Sunday and I really didn't expect any new Nendoroids to be released but good one Good Smile!

Tracer is from Overwatch which is a fps game by Blizzard. Tracer is featured on the box art and in a couple of the cinematics they have released. You can find her official profile here.

I have a Nendoroid problem but I also have a Blizzard problem. And for the two to combine! I even have the Tracer scale Blizzard released a couple of years ago, now she can have a mini tracer friend and fit on my Blizzard shelf!

What's worse (or better) is that the email ended with "Be sure to add the first of the Overwatch Nendoroid series to your collection!" THERE WILL BE MORE D: And maybe other Blizzard franchises?! I already have enough Nendoroids to buy.

Her official name is also "Nendoroid Tracer: Classic Skin Edition" so possible variant skin co-de's in the future? GSC has been expanding that line making the Sakura outfits, sword boys, and hopefully Ensemble Stars?? Usually super moveable ones like Tracer are called "Super-Moveable-Edition" so definitely an interesting naming choice.

Tracer is available at the usual locations of Amiami, GSC Shop, but you can also pre-order her from the Blizzard store! That opens her up to a different market than usual so hopefully she will be popular and sell well! The Funko Pops have too much of a market share here.

Store Price Shipping Total Release Date
GSC ¥4900 ¥1000 to the US, cannot combine with any other products ¥5900 August 2017
AmiAmi ¥3910 ¥2000 ¥5910 August 2017
Blizzard Store $49.99 $6 $55.99 ~September 2017

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