Eye-Fi: Broke Again and Fixed

Posted on October 19, 2017 by CC

Eye-Fi had been working extremely well until Windows 10 decided to die and I had to reformat. When I reinstalled the Eye-Fi workaround utility of course it didn't recognize my car, giving me the error "The eye-fi x2 card registration failed".

Hunting around on google I found this site where they were running into the same error. Apparently there is a settings.xml that saves the MAC address of the card and I could use that to set up my card again.

You can find the settings.xml file in a hidden colder named AppData in your User folder. If you are using Windows 10 you can display hidden folders by clicking on View at the top of File Explorer and check the Hidden Items option. Inside the AppData->Roaming->Eye-FiX2 folder there is a settings,xml file

Unfortunately the settings.xml in here had been overwritten by me trying to connect a new card and was mostly empty. I went and looked in the Windows.Old folder that is created when you reformat. Luckily the settings.xml was also there and complete!

After trying 34090394 things with my settings.xml, I finally got it to work! Here were my steps:

  1. Install the Eye-Fi X2 Utility
  2. If it auto-started, close the program.
  3. Copy the settings.xml from the saved file with data to the empty file.
  4. If there is a specific folder name specified under the RecentPhotoFolder, change that to the general Eye-Fi Photos folder
  5. Save the settings.xml file and reopen the Eye-Fi X2 Utility
  6. Turn the camera on and the photos synced!

So everything is currently working, I had gone almost exactly a year since my last Eye-Fi issue so hopefully this will work for the next year!

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