Angewomon Release Cancelled Outside of Japan

Posted on February 25, 2016 by CC

Oh Angewomon, you were supposed to be released this month! Instead everyone in North America, Europe, and Latin America had their pre-orders cancelled. And why? Because of boobs. Which is fine her boobs are out there and hanging and this is America where people will die if they see a nipple, companies can sell what they want. But to cancel all shipments on the release date? Not like, you know, the day you first see the product? Or any of the days that you had preorders open for?

This figure was $100 and an item that is only made to the pre-order amount. It was an exclusive, so you couldn't get her on the usual Japanese websites like Amiami or Hobby Link. She was available outside of Japan without a proxy though so most people ordered her from an non Japanese store to save on shipping costs.

People are understandably upset. This figure went along with an Angemon so people who had ordered the pair as a set won’t be getting half of it. There is conflicting evidence whether MegaHouse stopped production and therefore hasn’t even made the non-Japanese Angewomon pre-orders or whether they are all made just sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

Crunchyroll made this post talking about the cancellation:

“This cancellation came at the order of the original rights holders. They wanted to market Digimon as a child-friendly property, and though this Angewomon figure wasn't appropriate for that image.”

Obviously the problem is with her boobs, I see nothing else that isn’t appropriate in the least. Everyone is smiling. Everyone looks happy! She just happens to be leaning over and gravity is working properly. Hikari is short and she needs to lean over to see her! It’s a fun dynamic pose! Figure collecting would be boring if everyone was just standing straight up.

And for figure boobs, they aren’t even bad. They are proportional to her body and they are mostly covered with clothing! That’s better than 67% of figures out there! I wonder who made this decision, hopefully they never end up seeing some other figures if they can’t handle these boobs.

There is a discussion about this situation going on on Angewomon's MFC Page. Going through the entires I found the email sent to people who had preordered from Kolektakon posted by user TPerez141:

Dear customers,

The other day, we received notification from MegaHouse Corporation regarding the licensing status of Digimon Adventure Angewomon & Hikari.

The product was licensed to be released in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. But it seems that only recently, the license for Digimon Adventure changed hands and became the property of another company for the continents of North America, South America, and Europe.

This new licensor claims to be reviving Digimon for another run as a children's television program, and with that being the case, took serious issue with the sexual depiction of Angewomon in MegaHouse's product. They deemed it inappropriate, "not kid friendly", and banned it from release for almost the entire world.

MegaHouse did the best they could to negotiate with the licensor to not go through with this decision, but they just would not comply. MegaHouse had the license with the previous owner, but the new one decided to pull the rug out from under them.

Apparently the licensor doesn't care about their customers unless they're too young to drive or even buy these products they will never see anyway.

There is nothing we nor MegaHouse can do about this, it's just outside of our power legally. It is absolutely ridiculous, we know, but these licensors just don't learn that their actual customer base is mostly teenagers and adults.

As an official distributor for MegaHouse, we've received the official apology letter from their corporate office, and we've attached it to this email.

We will be issuing refunds for Angewomon & Hikari this week.

Again, we really apologize, everyone.. We tried to find out more and see if there was anything we could do, but this licensor is firm on their decision.

Best regards,


People have contacted the license holder Saban Brands asking what is going on and complaining about such a late cancellation. They are posting on Angewomon's MFC Page which will be the best place to find up to date information if you’ve had your Angewomon pre-order cancelled.

Hopefully this is a one time crazy isolated event and not the start of something common in the figure world. I can understand people objecting to selling a figure that has large breasts in America since we can’t handle our boobs, but at least object to it before it’s announced to the public. And then opened for pre-orders for two months. And in production for another five months.

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