Trying out Eye-Fi

Posted on November 27, 2014 by CC

My Eye-Fi I bought off Amazon just came! I had heard about these a couple of years ago but never really saw a reason for one, until I started taking a million figure photos and having to constantly remove the SD card to check the pictures on my computer was driving me crazy.

I did my typical Amazon research on it and the reviews were oddly split between 5 stars and 1 star, either it worked perfectly or everyone hated it. I agonized over which one to buy for a bit and then just went for the Eye-Fi in the end as I really wanted the ability to upload to a local computer and it didn't look like any of the competitors offered that, being all more mobile device focused.

It came in very simple hassle free packaging with no instructions at all, with just the SD card and USB dock. I plugged the USB into the top part of my computer and waited, but nothing happened. I googled a bit and it seemed like everyones just magically was installed after it was plugged in. I tried a different USB port on the back of my tower and got the software to install.

Once it was installed it was pretty easy. When I put the SD card into my camera a little wifi icon appears on the screen greyed out, and turns to white when it is uploading pictures. I took some test shots and they appeared on my computer pretty quickly, usually in under a minute.

Final verdict from me is that it does exactly what I want and will save me a bunch of time in seeing how my pictures actually look!


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