Late July Haul

Posted on July 27, 2016 by CC

USPS was kind to me this month and I didn't have to go to the post office three times! Woo!!! I'll be doing detailed reviews of all of these but here is an overview!

All my Winter Wonfes things are finally here! Snow Mikus arrived on Monday and the other box arrived today. Wo-class I got from a user on r/animefigures and that came today too! Yay!

Dekacchu Wo-Class

She's huge and SO CUTE, I love it!

Dekacchu Ranko

And she's even LARGER. Not even the same scale at all haha, Ranko's head is at least twice as large as Wo-Class's.

Medicchu Granblue Fantasy

In the same box as Ranko were these little guys, so small in comparison! Really cute and well made though, they should be for how expensive they were!

Shipping for Ranko and the Medicchu's was 5200! Yay for GSC's flat rate pulling through.

Here is the box it came in, this one from GSC in Japan. It was packed like an Amiami box with paper to fill in the empty space. The box was made from sturdy cardboard too.

Figma Snow Miku 2016

Figmas aren't my favorite but this one is really well done! Look how cute she is, and she has so many accessories!

Nendoroid Snow Miku 2016

And the Nendo! She is so cute! Her hair has two joints too which allows madness like this to happen, none of my other twin tailed nendo's have this so it's pretty cool!

This Is the box that the snow miku's shipped in. It came from California. I wonder what distribution method GSC uses for these, maybe airplane to get them all here so quickly? Any other GSC purchase from an American reseller always takes at least one month longer than Japan because I thought they were being shipped on a boat.

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