Fort Collins Comic Con 2016 Haul

Posted on August 29, 2016 by CC

I live in Fort Collins, Colorado and we have our own little comicon here Fort Collins Comic Con or FC3 for space saving names! This was it's second year, I missed the first year so I figured I would go check it out. I found some great stuff!

Needle Felted Wigglytuff by Elgera

I was cosplaying as the Pokemon XY girl character from the game (or Serena from the anime) and so it was appropriate that I got something pokemon related! They had a bunch of really cute needle felted pokemon. I had tried needle felting myself in the past and it's difficult! I was impressed with Wiggly and love the loafness of it!

Cute Buttons by Papaya Badger's Pins & Needles


I wasn't going to get any buttons but I failed! Without realizing it I already owned her Chie button, flareon button, and Chikorita sticker! She had really cute original characters so I picked up these axolotl and deer buttons!

Octopus by Fluff N' Stuff Creations

Isn't this just ADORABLE?! I NEEDED it when I first saw it but I held some restraint and looked around the rest of the con first before coming back and getting this pink guy. I love how he looks all curled up! He's really well made, sturdy, and survived being in my purse with a bunch of stuff for two hours.


Item Price
Wigglytuff $20
Buttons $3
Octopus $30
Lemonade $5
Total $58

FC3 was a nice little con and I only spent $58! Cheapest con trip ever! If you have a small local con I recommend checking it out! It was nice for once to be able to see everything easily in a couple of hours! I could even leave and come back because it was so close!

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