Denver Comicon 2015 Haul

Posted on May 28, 2015 by CC

Last weekend was Denver Comicon and I spent all weekend there this year (dressed as Trafalgar Law from One Piece). I wasn’t expecting much figure wise as I only remembered a couple of booths from last year but there were about five retailers there this year. This was a good chance to see what the prices of figures are in person for once (the Denver area is a black abyss for anime merch) now that I know enough to tell what is a good price or not.

Most of the nendoroids there were $60-$80 which was a bit more than I would pay for any of them but they had a good amount of different ones available which was nice. One booth even had an Elsa (mine was sitting at the post office waiting for me to pick her up) and this year’s snow miku so I was able to check out their boxes. Elsa’s had a bit bigger form factor than normal which ruins any box stacking I had planned. Snow Miku’s had a super cute flower folding type top though and I can’t wait to get mine in July!

I was good and didn’t buy any figures the first two days, one booth had Rage of Bahamut blind boxes for $10 a piece if you bought more than one. Another booth had the Aty figure I had been looking at for a while, but I held off!

I then failed on the third day though, the Rage of Bahamut ones were reasonably priced so I bought 3 hoping to get the rest of the set (I already have Cerebus, Teena, and the hidden figure). I ended up getting two Feena’s and another Teena. Well that’s fine, blind boxes and I’m unlucky.


The Aty was up on a shelf and $150. I was able to get a look at her in person and it just confirmed that she is a very beautiful figure and I would eventually like to have her. But she was available used on amiami for Y7900 which is about $64. Even with $50 shipping since her box is huge that’s still $30 less than the price they had her for there. I passed on her there but it was nice to see a figure before I purchased it for once!

The last booth I went too had the Miku petites I had tried to pre-order last year but Crunchyroll cancelled on me. There were two boxes left for $18 each. I looked up their price on amazon and it was comparable so after half an hour thinking about buying them I just went for it. I haggled a bit and was able to get them both for $34 after tax (yeah saved $4!)

I was apprehensive while opening them as I really just wanted the Rin in her princess dress and my luck had already been terrible with the other three petits. The first one had Len in his normal outfit, okay cute.

The last box had me so nervous, it was going to be another Len.But it was Rin! In her princess dress!!!! Yes Comicon gods!!


So I ended up spending $65 on 5 nendoroid petites, which wasn’t too bad, they are pretty good quality for small figures. I just need to figure out what to do with my duplicates!

Here is the other stuff I bought over the weekend, adorable Rarity plush!


Quality charmander painting!


Poines as alpacasso literally the cutest thing ever.


Chie pin!


Fat snake zodiac postcard!

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