Denver Comic Con Haul 2016

Posted on June 19, 2016 by CC

Denver Comic Con was last weekend and was excellent as usual! I was trying to hold back on buying things and failed. But I was better than usual, so partial success!

On Friday we just wandered the floor as it wasn't too packed and we had three whole days to see everything! Strolling by an anime centered booth I saw prize figures, I looked closer, maybe they would have my last Dramatic Showcase I needed with Sanji. They didn't but they did have the Zeff! I never expected to see that there!

Zeff ended up being $33 with tax, which was a bit more than I wanted to pay, I probably could have found him for $15-$20 in Japan but that was just it. I hunted all over for this Zeff and never saw him. So now my set is complete!

In our continued wanderings I found CROCONANA!

He's from Sorbet Jungle and just extremely adorable!

I also got some stickers, one's already on my phone DERP BEE

The other one was this chunky Chikorita, HOW CUTE

I also got this Sanji magnet from a fellow One Piece fan!

This lovely rarity card, I was trying to hold back on pony things but it was best girl and such a nice small piece of artwork!

And awesome One Piece print! He had a lot of other cool prints, you can find his things here

Overall I managed to somewhat control myself, final damages were:
Zeff Figure - $33
Croconana - $20
Sanji Magnet - $4
One Piece Print - $20
Chikorita Sticker - $2
Bee Sticker - $2
Rarity Card - $5

Total: $86
Not too bad for spending three full days at a con!

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