Colossalnana Kickstarter Haul

Posted on November 10, 2019 by CC

When I found out Croconana was doing a kickstarter I could NOT say no. Then I went a bit too far.

I have a Crononana and giant Coronana so I had to get them some friends, Mint Croconana and Pink? Croconana!

One of the stretch goals was adding a sweater to be able to buy so I could not say no to that!

I've started to dabble in enamel pins and could not decide on what one to get for the reward I chose, so I added a second one on! Plus the stretch goal!

Awesome stretch goal stickers!!

And a stretch goal keychain!

There was also an ad for the monthly enamel pin club which I might have also joined.
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You can check out the Colossalnana Kickstarter Page here!

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