Winter Wonfes 2018

Posted on March 07, 2018 by CC

This year I finally made it to Wonfes! Being on my birthday this year I took it as a sign of needing to actually be in Japan during that time. I scheduled my visit to Japan around it, arriving February 16 and leaving March 4.

Creating a game plan

I looked through the book and found some promising ones. Also did some hunting on twitter with the hashtag #wf2018w. When people on twitter are attending an event they will change their name to their booth number, so easy to hunt down.

One of my favorite insect/invertebrate/reptile pottery makers was going to be there so that was goal number 1!

Map Making

When going to comiket you needed a map to get anything you wanted so I tried the same method with Wonfes. I created the map by hunting down the booth number of who I wanted to visit. Then determined a plan of who I would visit first to try and minimize any backtracking. When at a giant event like this all day not wasting energy is important!

[picture of the map]

Getting to Wonfes

From Nishi-Kokubunji we had a direct route to Wonfes, leaving at 7:15! There was a great view of Mt. Fuji the entire ride too! My phone wasn't updating our position though and I thought we still had half an hour to go but everyone else got off the train! And it was our stop!


Waiting in Line at Wonfes


We walked all the way around the building and ended up in line on the backside of the hall. The line was big so we positioned ourselves in the middle so we could huddle like penguins and not be in the wind so much.

The line eventually starts moving a bit before 10, it split into 2, one for the main hall and one for the garage kit halls. My first spot was on the far side of hall 8 so we followed signs for that hall.

General remarks on Garage Kit halls

Having lived through Comiket Day 3, it was nice to be back at an event where it was possible to browse. There were so many booths though. Even though we started in Hall 8 and worked our way to Hall 4 and wandered random asiles, we still skipped like 60% of the booths.

Everyone seemed to allow pictures taken of their items, there were a lot of no touch signs though which made sense.

Omg Wonfes

We finally got in at 10:22 and headed right to the first booth on the map!

They had some cute snake cups, and a grub sake glass, but i felt i had to get the caterpillar cup!

It was 4000 yen!

I didn't have any other booths I wanted to see in hall 8 so we wandered a bit looking at things. Nothing seemed to be really organized so booths were randomly all over.

On the far side of hall 8 was the garage kit NSFW area. We ventured in there and they checked your age on your ID to get in! This area was what you would expect from the NSFW area in a fan made area: life sized sex dolls, a peeing girl water fountain, ridiculous figures!

After that we headed around Hall 8 some more heading towards the others. My next target was in section 7 and I just wanted to look at it. They made 3d models of famous paintings.

I found a cute Granblue garage kit and was like fuck it, its small, I'll buy it! Of course I didn't take any pictures of the booth.

We pathed towards the booths I wanted to see in hall 4.

Found dogbird, its a blind box :(

I thought they were individual so I pointed at the sheep one, ended up with a black dog. They also gave me a ton of stickers and post cards! Not bad at all for ¥900!

Next we ended up at a booth full of adorable glass sea slugs! I bought one that was sitting on top of a tiny jar for ¥1250.

One of the booths on my path was one that had hand made wooden animals. I ended up getting a wooden snail for ¥1650. Of course I didn't take a picture of this either.

Across from that there was this odd cat head on a pipe cleaner needle felted thing. I got one for my sister for ¥800

Another booth I wanted to visit was this metal spoon and animal one! Was thinking about just getting one but we ended up with the food pack for ¥4000

Heading towards the commercial hall we took up a wandering path as there just wasn't enough time to see everything. We ran across this adorable rabbit girl garage kit at the end of one asile. I hat to get her!

I think she was ¥5000

We continued along the wandering path. There was a garage kit of best Kemono girl Tsuchinoko at the far end near the start of the commercial area. I wasn't expecting there to be any left when we got there but there were like 3! So I bought one for ¥8000!

My god the commercial area.

We entered in the top left of the commercial area and headed towards Good Smile's giant corner. There were tons of industry displays and the area was a lot larger than I thought it was, somehow there was always new stuff to look at.

Some of the booths had long lines to wait and look at the figures while others were pretty short and you could just walk by.

There was a couple of food booths around the edge but not really too much to choose from.

The halls did clear out a bit towards the end of the day. We ended in the commercial area and headed back through all the garage kits to exit the center. It's crazy just how big this event was! And to just be one day. If it had been at least two days things would have been much less hectic.


I wasn't really prepared for the chaos and just HOW MUCH there was to see. I got too overwhelmed but it was a great time and now I know better for next time. An actual camera would have been helpful as well as bringing enough food for an entire day.

Total Spent: 24700

Now to build these garage kits!!!!


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