Denver Independent Comic & Art Expo 2018

Posted on April 15, 2018 by CC

Went to the Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo ( yesterday, it was really fun and chill! It's nice to go to smaller conventions and actually be able to finish seeing everything without being exhausted!

It took place at the McNichols Civic Center in Denver. I have driven by this place so many times as my sister used to live right up the street but I had never been inside. The building was a cool mix of old and new architecture.

We walked around a bit and went to the Can Art Workshop Presented by Oskar Blues Brewery. That was fun they gave us a label to draw on with sharpies and then gave us a blank can to stick it on!

The rest of the day we spent walking around, everyone was really friendly to talk to! I found one of the local artists I have a couple of eveelution stickers from so I had to pick up an Umbreon. One day I'll get them all.

There was also an artist who had plant drawings, grub decals, and rock stickers! All great things! So I got one of each!

Next to that booth was a guy I had bought a monster print from at Denver Comic Con last year, Joe Blablazo ( I had to pick up another one so I got this great Mothman.

It was a great fun little con and I only spent $27!


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